The Average Rating

The average rating is calculated using a selection of publicly available ratings and our own. These are the same ratings you would see if you were searching yourself. This is helpful because it saves you time sourcing the ratings. We update this on a regular basis but we also encourage you to do your own research and we provide links to the relevant sources.

The Travelism Sentiment Bar©

The unique Travelism Sentiment Bar© graphically represents our research to provide you with a snapshot of things like Rooms, Food and Facilities etc.

  • The emojis represent the sentiments we capture in our research: Very Un-happy, Un-happy, OK, Happy, Very Happy
  • The underneath each emoji there is a barometer. Each barometer shows the percentage of opinions for each sentiment for that particular aspect.
  • In the footer of the Travelism Sentiment Bar© we provide an overall sentiment summary.

In the below example:

A – Rooms: You can see that 50% of the opinions we sourced were un-happy with the rooms and 50% of the opinions expressed were happy with the rooms.

B – Overall: 24% of the total recorded sentiments for all aspects we’re un-happy, 65% of the total recorded sentiments we’re happy and 12% of the total recorded sentiments we’re very happy.

C – You could read the sentiments as follows:

  • Mostly, the opinions are happy.
  • The location appears to be very good.
  • The pool has mixed opinions.
  • If rooms, food or pools are important to you read more in the relevant sections to see why the topics have mixed opinions.


We also capture opinion and factual bullet points


Opinions are unique to the individual and their circumstances but still a valid indicator and are represented in the following manner: “The pool area is likely to be noisy”. We use this terminology for two reasons: in some cases we are using research and not first-hand experience and other peoples opinions are subjective.

Opinions are categorised as positive and negative and facts are show separately on the hotel/resort page.

Factual observations

Factual observations are are represented in a more factual manner: “The hotel is on a hill”.


As a result of our research you will have to hand:

  • an average rating from multiple sources; saving you the legwork
  • the Travelism Sentiment Bar© for quick assessment
  • easy-to-read bullet points regarding opinion and facts about the hotel/resort


It’s unlikely that our researchers have stayed at a hotel or resort that they have researched; but they will have meticulously undertaken the research, much the same as what you might do for yourself. Please do undertake your own research to satisfy yourself that you are happy with your choice of hotel or resort before booking as we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or losses. Please refer to our full terms of use here.