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This is a MUST watch video if you are going to #Japan or have ever thought about it. These are the 50 Things you need to know about Japan Top 50 Japan Travel Tips are based on what I wish I knew before visiting Japan. This serves as a Japan Guide for travelers planning Japan travel and sh... ...

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Thanks for the tips 😊

I’ve been with you from the very beginning. You are an inspiration to me I vicariously live through you 🙂

loved Japan 💕👌

Lovely place #Japan is a very great

beautiful video.

Love all ur videos.

Hi Lost LeBlanc! If you happen to visit Kyoto, pls drop by at Barcode Kyoto😎 you're welcome hahahah! Kidding! Thank you, you wont regret😛🤗

you with kate make a good couple

I was just awarded as your top fan on FB. What did I win?😛

Arigatou gozaimasuuuuuu

Tiffany-lee Osten Thao Dinh


Ichiran Ramen!! 💜🍜

Ronan Boylan

Kier Mcelroy

Youssef Dahbane

Løgan J. MəcIsəəc Look i’m a super fan because of you🙃

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Katy and I slept in a Airplane Hotel in Sweden. Such a cool experience.

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