To introduce myself to Travelism, I thought I could give you a run down of my 3 favourite destinations to travel to. But, before that…

Hi, I’m Kat and my favourite pastime is getting on a plane to somewhere new.

Now we’ve got that over and done with, let me tell you about my third favourite place I’ve visited…

New York

My third favourite destination is also my most recent adventure abroad. Last November my best friend and I booked a trip to New York and, within a few months, we were on our way to The Big Apple. In the back of my mind I was fearful the greatest city in the world wouldn’t match up to my expectations. Quite truly, however, it exceeded them.

New York is bright lights reflected in your eyes, high rises hugging you all day long and hidden quiet spots for when it all gets a little too “New York.” It’s shopping but, more so, it’s eating until you drop. New York simply is like it is in the movies.


Top 3 attractions

  1. Empire State Building
  2. Central Park
  3. The Play that Goes Wrong

Food favourite

Every single day we headed to Empire Cake to pick up a chocolate chip cookie. My best friend even took a few home and heate

d them up so they were warm just like when we purchased them. Once we even got there 20 minutes before it opened so we got them STRAIGHT out of the oven.

Go-to drink

It was on our bucket list to test out a Manhattan Martini and, although it taste

d a little weird at first, I soon loved it.

New York was a few days I’ll never forget! Have you been to New York? Let us know in the comments! Pop back tomorrow to see where my second favourite place to travel to is!