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As lovers of travel, we admire foreign languages. As for being British, we suck at languages. 

The famous Italian film director, Federico Fellini, once said that, “A different language is a different vision of life.” Much like many others’ main reason for adoring travel, we travel to experience people, places and culture. A place’s language is essential to their culture and we want to be in touch with both of these core aspects of travel. Some languages even give us words we’ve been searching for while our own first language doesn’t suffice! If that doesn’t prove different languages provide a different vision, then we don’t know what does! 

Language is maybe the first insight into a place’s culture. For this reason, we’re going back to school and expanding our bilingual vocabulary.  

What’s January’s language?

We’re dipping in and out of 12 various languages this year; starting with the language of Flamenco dancing, sunny beaches and—my favourite!—tapas! With the help of our social media accounts and Flash-sticks,we’re learning a new Spanish word every day this January. Over on our Twitter and Facebook we’re posting an image of our word of the day in an attempt to learn 31 new Spanish words this month! 

Why Spanish? 

We chose Spanish as our first language of the month, this enero, for more than a handful of reasons. Let us tell you a few… 

  • According to Business Insider, there are about 330 million native Spanish speakers; that opens up a lot of easy-to-communicate destinations for speakers of Spanish.  
  • We’re regular visitors to the Spanish islands and so we thought it would be a good idea to show some respect to the Spanish by learning a bit of the language! 
  • We wanted to learn the untranslatable words Spanish has to offer. For example, Spanish has a word to describe someone who’s very sensitive to the cold… friolento 

Be sure to follow us on our Twitter and Facebook so you can learn a new Spanish word every day too! We’ll also be uploading content very much inspired by the language.  



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